Do Countries With Nukes Need Foreign Aid.

Nuclear Warheads On Display

What Are Nukes Nuke is an informal name for nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons are explosive devices formed from nuclear reactions either by fission, fusion or a combination of both. A tremendous amount of energy is released in the course of this reaction resulting to a strong destructive force. The most common isotopes used for this … Read moreDo Countries With Nukes Need Foreign Aid.


Human hands of different colours joined together

How Important Are Customers? Customers are the lifeline of any business or organisation. Customers are the most important people for any business or organisation. Your prospects ( customers ) determine the success of the business because the organisation depend on them to buy or continue to patronise the business. Organisations are influenced by how the … Read moreBEST CUSTOMER CARE APPROACH TO WIN MORE CUSTOMERS

Focus AS A Competitive Strategy.

BMW Uses The Cost Focus Strategy To Outperform Competitors.

Focus Focus strategies are more useful for smaller companies or those with a more narrow or niche audience. Porter divided the focus strategy into two sub-strategies; Cost focus and Differentiation focus. This is when a firm pays special attention or specialises in a group of customers. When serving a small group of customer, the firm or business can … Read moreFocus AS A Competitive Strategy.

Differentiation As A Competitive Strategy.

Differentiation. According to, it’s an approach that a business takes to develop a unique product or service that customers will find better than or in another way distinctive from products or services offered by competitors. To implement this competitive strategy, the business needs to create some distinctive features which are highly valued by customers … Read moreDifferentiation As A Competitive Strategy.

Identifying Basic Competition Strategies.

Cost leadership, differentiation and focus as competitive approaches in business

Basic Competition Strategies That Are Derived From Competitive Advantages And Competitive Scope Identifying competitive strategies is vital to the success of every one’s business. This is done to minimize cost, gain a large market share and maximize profit. Below are the competitive strategies which a business can undertake to best suit their needs and objectives. … Read moreIdentifying Basic Competition Strategies.

Trump In Heated Row With Democrats As He Threatens Shutdown Of ‘Months Or Even Years’ Over Border Wall.

Donald Trump Addressing Journalist After Meeting With Top Democrats

Trump Threatens To Keep Government Shutdown For Months Or Even Years, Saying He Could Declare A National Emergency To Get The Wall Built. Donald Trump amidst the lingering border wall crisis which has led to a government shutdown has on Friday threatened to keep the federal government closed for months or even years if funding … Read moreTrump In Heated Row With Democrats As He Threatens Shutdown Of ‘Months Or Even Years’ Over Border Wall.

Nancy Pelosi Sworn In As Speaker Of US House Of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi With House Gavel, Moments After Been Sworn In.

The U.S House of Representatives has sworn in Nancy pelosi as speaker for the second time. The 116th Congress was seated Thursday, 3rd january, 2019, with Democrats taking the majority. The first order of business as the house convened was electing Nancy Pelosi to be House speaker, a post she once held, for the second … Read moreNancy Pelosi Sworn In As Speaker Of US House Of Representatives.

China Succeeds Lunar Exploration As Chang’ e-4 Lands on The Far Side Of The Moon.

Chang' e 4 landed on the moon

China could be on the path to a tremendous extraterrestrial ambition victory as it has become the first ever to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) successfully landed the robotic Chang’ e 4 in the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin, which the largest, oldest, deepest, crater … Read moreChina Succeeds Lunar Exploration As Chang’ e-4 Lands on The Far Side Of The Moon.

The Marketing Environment.

The marketing Environment

Marketing environment is all of the factors that influence the ability of the business to satisfy customers. These factors are; Economic Political Social Cultural Competitive. Refer To This Page To Read More On Our Previous Lesson About DEVELOPING MARKETING STRATEGIES. Marketing environment analysis will help to identify the opportunities or competitive threats to satisfying customers. … Read moreThe Marketing Environment.

Indonesia Deadly Tsunami- 168 Dead, 745 Injured And 30 Missing.

Victims Of The Indonesian Tsunami Picking throufgh The Rubbles

A deadly tsunami has hit Indonesia, leaving 168 dead, 745 injured and about 30 still missing as at time of this report. The tsunami seriously affected the Pandegland region of Banten Province in Java which houses the Ujung Kulon National Park and popular beaches south-west of the capital, Jakarta. The cause of the disaster was … Read moreIndonesia Deadly Tsunami- 168 Dead, 745 Injured And 30 Missing.