Why Trump and Barr Won’t Stop Mueller From Testifying Before Congress

There are a lot of things playing out right now. This includes discussion of what to do if Donald Trump and William Barr try to take some action to prevent Mueller from testifying before Congress.

Mueller Agrees To Testify

Mueller was originally asked to testify by May 23. A few days ago, the date May 15 was suggested as a possibility that has been discussed in private back and forth discussions.

House Judiciary Committee have aimed May 15 for Mueller to testify on Russia probe, says House Democrats.

Trump nor Barr have said they intended to stop Mueller from testifying before Congress. But they could claim ” Executive Privilege ” just as Obama did.

Obama instructed his cabinet heads not to release documents to ” Fast and Furious ”, ” IRS suppression of Republican group tax status filing application ”, ” The Clinton investigation ” (which was about Clinton’s evasion of Congressional oversight through the use of private servers to hide her actions as Secretary of State)

Attorney General Lynch further obstruction of justice evidence by her illegal grant of immunity from prosecution of Clinton employees whose testimony would have confirmed Clinton’s destruction of 30,000 files subpoenaed by Congress.

This is just one of many acts defying Congress and the people the ability to hold accountable the political appointees of President Obama.

There is no comparison in history to compare with the corruption, secrecy and non-transparency of the Obama administration.

President Trump provided Mueller with more documents than any other President in history. He could have fired Mueller if he chose to.

As Sen. Graham (R) said, why not let Mueller testify? Perhaps he can explain why his investigation was so bias against Trump given the facts regarding illegal spying by Obama appointees. Also, the Special Counsel did not target the Clinton Purchase of propaganda from Russia, nor its improper brokering of Uranium to Russia nor the ”pay for play” bribery by Russia of Clinton via her Clinton Foundation.

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