Vote Leave insider exposes ‘sheer stupidity’ of EU decision-makers

Douglas Carswell, a vote leave insider has exposed the “sheer stupidity” of EU decision-makers as he revealed what is actually at stake in the Brexit negotiations.

On Friday, Britain’s top Brexit negotiator David Frost showed signs of being infected with coronavirus a day after his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier, tested positive for the disease. Downing Street confirmed Mr Frost is now self-isolating. Despite the coronavirus pandemic derailing face-to-face negotiations, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said Brexit talks with the EU will continue in the upcoming days.

Last week, the EU drafted a post-Brexit trade deal proposal, covering areas such as security, foreign policy and fisheries.

The 441-page draft legal text was sent to the 27 EU states, ahead of being presented to the UK this week.

However, according to political analysts, much of the draft will be outright rejected by the UK because of references to EU law and fishing.

Brussels still insists on maintaining its current fishing rights in British waters and wants London to agree to a number of EU regulations, including environmental standards, workers’ rights and state aid rules – something Mr Johnson has pledged not to do.

As tensions are set to rise in the upcoming months, former Ukip MP Douglas Carswell exposed the “sheer stupidity” of EU decision-makers, revealing what is actually at stake in these negotiations.

The prominent Brexiteer argued that there is no way Britain will make any concessions to the bloc.

He explained: “What is extraordinary is that the European side genuinely seems to think that what they are negotiating here is the degree of UK regulatory alignment or degree of access the EU will have to UK waters.

“It is not.

“There is zero chance whatsoever that there will be an agreement that allows the EU concessions on those things.

”None whatsoever.

“What is really at stake here, even though the European side is too stupid to understand this, is the question of whether or not in five years time the UK will be a geopolitical ally of the European Union.”

Mr Carswell noted that right now, the way Brussels is behaving is just pushing Britain towards a fundamental realignment away from the bloc.

He added: “The EU seems to think these negotiations will determine whether or not the UK will comply with GDPR or regulations on the economy.

”Not at all.

“They are deciding whether or not they will defend the Baltic States, whether or not British troops and satellites and soldiers will guarantee the security of EU member states in relation to Russia.

“The sheer stupidity of EU decision makers is that they can’t see it.”

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