U.S Government Partially Shuts Down Over Border Wall Row.

U.S Government Partially Shuts Down Over Border Wall Row.

A political stalemate has now resulted from the inability of U.S lawmakers to break a budget impasse, after last minute talks on Friday evening was adjourned.

Funding for about a quarter of all U.S federal agencies will be temporarily put on hold, in the absence of an agreement, starting from midnight (05:00 GMT Saturday). The temporal shutdown means departments like Transportation, Agriculture, State, Justice and Homeland Security will shut down, including Federal National Parks and forests.

An emblem showing US government shutdown has taken effect hovering on the white house
White house Shutdown Takes Effect

Trump is insisting the inclusion of about $5Bn in funding for the U.S-Mexico border wall before he could finally sign off any deal.

This is the third time, the U.S government will be experiencing a shutdown like this in a single year, which means thousands of federal employees will go on the yuletide day without pay, will have to work without pay and many forced on a temporary leave.

Trump had released a statement in a video address blaming the Democrats for the shutdown and urging them to resolve the closure. Though Senior Democrats have vowed not to vote on any bill that includes funding for the border wall which may keep the U.S government shutdown longer than necessary. Trump has cancelled his Christmas holiday trip to Florida.

The House of Representatives Approves Spending Bill With $5.7Bn Funding For Trump’s Border Wall.

The House Of Representative is saddled with the responsibility of approving spending with a simple majority vote under current rules, a house Trump’s party currently dominates. The House approved $5.7Bn of funding for the wall but this approval can not be signed off by the President without passing through the senate, where it is needed to be passed by 60 votes, where Republicans only hold 51 seats.

Trump had promised during his campaign to build border wall along the U.S-Mexico border and insist he will make Mexico pay for the wall, but the Mexican government refused.

Members of Congress left Capitol Hill Friday night after they failed to reach a resolution but are expected to return on Saturday.

Donald Trump sitted amidst members of congress having a heated conversation about border wall funding
Last ditched failed talks between Donald Trump and Members of Congress

In Trump’s video message, he exonerated his Republican party from having any solution to the shutdown, he said ” there is nothing”, ”we need the Democrats to give us their votes” to resolve it.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer insists the onus was on the President while speaking on the floor of the house, ”President Trump has thrown a temper tantrum and now has us careening towards a ‘Trump shutdown’ over christmas,” Mr Schumer said.

The only option for Mr Trump to break this impasse is to convince the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to invoke the ”nuclear option”, which allows the bill to be approved in the senate with a simple majority instead of the 60 currently required. But its on record that the senate Majority Leader had repeatedly refused such an extreme legislative manoeuvre in the past.

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