Trump Revokes All of Hillary‘s Privileges as Former First Lady

As a former First Lady, Hillary Clinton was given many privileges and perks by the government. Some of these perks include access to the White House, free food and drink, free medical care, and $20,000 a month for life. Unfortunately for her, it looks like her free ride is coming to an abrupt end, thanks to President Trump.

President Trump issued an executive order today, nullifying Clinton’s status as a former First Lady, thus removing all of the perks that come with it.

President Trump gave these remarks to the media about the order:

“Hillary Clinton is the worst person in America. She talks very bad about me. She says nasty things. She’s like Obama. Yeah, that Obama is real bad. He says horrible things about me. I would never do that. Why should Hillary get access to the White House and all these perks? She’s a traitor as far as I’m concerned and many people agree with me, many people okay. She’s part of the deep state and a traitor, take her away!”

Republican Joe Barron praised the executive order:

“This is great news! Donald Trump knows what’s best for our country, and if he says Hillary needs to lose her perks, then she needs to lose them. I would never question our President. That’s what they would do in a democracy, and we are a republic, which means we have a King. His name is Donald Trump.”

Rumor has it that Clinton will be selling more uranium to Iran in order to make up for the lost income resulting from Trump’s order. This will open her up to more federal charges, and maybe she will be taken down once and for all. As always Trump is playing 4D chess against her.

Hillary Clinton is a traitor and we are glad to see some fictitious revenge taken against her. This time it will actually be her downfall. We promise.

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