This Shocking Truth About The Clinton Cartel Will Blow Your Mind

BOMBSHELL REPORT: The report contained in this article are a result of an independent investigation by Dr. Allan Spreen of the HSI.

A private briefing has been released about the TRUTH behind the 2016 election and your liberal friends and family won’t be able to deny a thing once they read this article to the end.

This is the details of a private briefing about the TRUTH behind the 2016 election, and Hillary Clinton’s one final, desperate act still to come.

It also exposes a corrupt conspiracy involving Clinton, a secret society of gangsters, and other high-ranking government officials.

And for the last 23 years, it’s remained a total secret until today.

To be clear, the people involved NEVER expected the inner-workings of their plan to see the light of day.

And if not for one tiny mistake, it would have remained buried forever. So if you’re ready for the truth-Read on.

Did Hillary rig the 2016 election all the way back in 1993 and in exchange allowed a sinister act to kill 31,000 American seniors that year and more every year after?

Impossible? Trust me, your liberal friends and family won’t be able to deny a thing once you show them the information uncovered in this article.

It’s a secret plan cooked up by Crooked Hillary herself, identified as ”Executive Plan 5.”

And it’s a scheme so elaborate and far-reaching, it can only be defined as high treason.

Here was the plan:

On January 20, 2017, Hillary was supposed to place her hand on the Bible and take The Presidential Oath of Office. Not as a LIAR, a TRAITOR and the CONSPIRACY MASTERMIND of a rigged election.

Fortunately, she failed to become president and thank God for that.

While President-elect Trump was watching his electoral votes flood in, Hillary went into hiding, practically disappearing off the face of the earth.

Why Because she knows this isn’t a simple case of ”He Won; She Lost.”

No……. There’s so much more to the story than that. And the reason goes deeper than you or i could ever imagine.

So while most Americans re breathing a sigh of relief that Trump will serve as our next President, what 99.98% of them won’t know is the uncomfortable truth.

The outcome of this election- arguably the most important one of our lifetime was actually planned 23 years ago behind closed doors in a top-secret location.

And even though Hillary has all but disappeared now- herentire sinister plot is still unfolding and putting millions of American lives in jeopardy every single day.

Worse yet, Trump, Pence or ANY of the High-powered politicos in DC are absolutely powerless to stop her.

Hillary Clinton has co-signed the most devastating American scandal this country has ever known. Because even though i truly believe Hillary is a force of evil against our great nation, she isn’t in this alone.

Infact, during my [ Dr. Allan Spreen ] investigation, i uncovered proof of a shadowy organisation operating strategically behind the scenes and manipulating Hillary’s career with her full blessing.

This secret organisation is called the Clinton Cartel and they’re every bit as power hungry and despicable as Hillary herself.

Since all the way back in 1993, the Clinton Cartel has been Hillary’s ally on every rung of the political ladder, moving all the right chess pieces to buy her elections, knowing that starting in 2017 with Queen Hillary running the show- she’d be returning the favor.

That’s right, in exchange for delivering her Presidency on a silver platter, she’d look the other way while giving the Cartel full access to run one of our government’s biggest agencies for limitless profits.

Here Was The Plan

When Hillary’s scheme went into effect in 2017, the Cartel would have unprecedented access to our government and a direct path to your health and money.

With their plan set in motion, she was guaranteed to win, only they didn’t pull it off.

Now here is the part that will really blow your mind. Clinton swore up and down the campaign trail that the Cartel are actually her ENEMIES.

She’s absolutely shameless. She publicly denounced them and says they’re out to take advantage of middle-class Americans. But behind closed doors, she’s been greedily accepting their money and their help for decades.

Here Is Why Clinton Was Always Unfit To Be President

When Bill first assigned Hillary to lead his Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993, she immediately put 33 corporate power players on her team.

Now, these were some real heavy hitters across several industries that she knew had the muscle to get things done in DC and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the process.

It was a real deal with the devil, to be sure. But this group to make a killing, because with the approval of the new healthcare bill, they were promised a payout to the tune of $10 Billion in new revenues.

Fortunately, you and i both know how that ended…

Thankfully, the bill was destroyed before it ever got off the ground, and Hillary’s ”team mates” never got to cash their cheques.

But failure has never stopped Hillary. She’s had plenty of it but her lust for power is never ending. And she knew that in our country, money can still buy power. But you need lots of it.

So she decided to form a secret alliance with this group of corporate fat cats and with nothing more than a secret meeting and brief handshake to seal their pact, the Clinton Cartel was born.

They vowed to never speak of their arrangement again.

The Undeniable Proof Of The Cartel’s Work

Fast forward to Hillary’s 2000 senate bid, the Cartel funneled $86,875 in cash into her campaign, ensuring her victory.

During her re-election in 2006, they upped the ante and pumped $157,015 into her campaign and again she won.

Then came the 2008 Presidential election when the Cartel gace her $174,000 in cash.

The Cartel didn’t even care if Hillary lost in the primaries, they had their sights on 2016 the entire time.

Fast forward to 2015 when Hillary announced that she was running for President. And now the Cartel went all-in to the tune of $7,054,871. But they didn’t stop there either.

Trying not to draw much attention to their partnership, they privately made additional contributions to the Clinton Foundation ranging $1 Million to $5 Million each.

In total, it’s estimated that Hillary has accepted over $10 million in Cartel dirty money since 2000, and that’s only including what’s publicly shown on her books.

With that kind of money buying all the votes she needed, the scheme was practically fool-proof. Until her carefully-laid plan was OUTED in the final hours before the election.

Hillary rightfully lost, and the Cartel was once again left with their pockets turned inside out. But that just made them even angrier.

Who Exactly Is This ”Faceless” Cartel?

From my experience, i’ve found Clinton’s cartel to be an extremely cunning and dangerous team. They work in secret and consist of highly influential figures, lobbyists, and even corporate executives.

Now that might not sound intimidating at first blush, but in partnership with Hillary, they’ve already launched Executive plan 5with one simple goal- Manipulate American Politics- and the American people- for BILLIONS in pharmaceutical drug profits. And no one would EVER catch on…

What’s even more terrifying is that this group is NOT made of politicians.

Look, Trump has promised to ” drain the swamp ” in DC, but these folks are too powerful to be touched.

So, even without Hillary on their side, they can still have unprecedented power to influence our government’s healthcare laws and policies. take for example the FDA. The cartel has been funding that group for years. they practically OWN it already.


In just 2015 alone, the FDA recieved $97,605,000 in ”standard fees” from the Cartel. All to allow more prescription drugs to flood the market, making BILLIONS for the Cartel. And it’s only going to increase alot.

In fact, it should be rocket to well over $100 Million a year in money paid to the FDA, allowing the Cartel to continue to push their poison pills for BILLIONS in profit.

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  1. So fair you have told us nothing that we don’t already know. She is a crook and she is supported by some “BIG” money.


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