The Trump National Emergency.

Trump Signing Declaration For A National Emergency

Trump Signing Declaration For A National Emergency

President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in a bid to fund his border wall.

The declaration of a national emergency would grant the President powers to bypass the Senate and Congress but Congress have vowed to challenge the declaration legislatively or in court.

A threat to declare national emergency has since loomed in the Whitehouse, since the partial government shutdown.

While the shutdown ends, funding for the wall wasn’t appropriated in the new spending bill. This has prompted the President to declare a national emergency which circumvents the legislative arm of government.

With a $333 billion spending bill, the government will stay open to atleast early October, averting another government shutdown.

What Prompted The President To Declare A National Emergency

An additional fund of about $6.5 billion is required by the President to execute border security and construction of the border wall.

Trump signed a spending bill that will see the government open till early October this year, averting another government shutdown.

Trump refers to the situation at the US-Mexico southern border, a crisis that poses a threat to Americans. The President condemns strongly the border situation, refering to it as an invasion of gangs, drugs and criminals.

An attempt to get legislators appropriate funding for the border wall plunged the country into the longest shutdown in US history.

But Trump is not giving up on his campaign promise to secure the US-Mexico border with a wall.

In an attempt to get his wall bidding, the President declared a national emergency. This move will circumvent legislators but is expected to face an array of other legal challenges.

House Democrats have vowed to take legal action against Trump’s declaration. Even some republican members aren’t in tune with the President’s declaration, calling it ill-adviced. But the President has gone against all odds to get the wall built faster than Congress would allow.

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