Lord Adonis sparks backlash after demanding delay – ‘17.4million disagree!’

Lord Adonis demands delay in post brexit transition period

Ardent Remainer Lord Adonis has sparked fury on social media after suggesting the UK should have no hesitation in extending the post-Brexit transition period with the European Union. In a post on Twitter, Lord Adonis indicated the whole nation wanted the UK to extend the negotiating period beyond December 31 – however, the ardent Remainer … Read more

How UK could have followed Norway’s path and protected its waters

Boris Johnson on UK Fisheries

Britain could have followed Norway’s path and protected its waters from the EU, had former Prime Minister Edward Heath not considered fishing expendable when negotiating the country’s accession to the EEC, former MP for Grimsby and Brexit campaigner Austin Mitchell claimed in a recent report. Before the negotiations on a future trade deal between the … Read more

Farage exposes Merkel’s radical EU plot that will ruin UK

Nigell Farage and Angela Merkel

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has issued a warning urging the UK to leave the EU by the end of this year or face a huge bill imposed by an even more powerful Angela Merkel and Brussels. Brexiteer Nigel Farage has warned that the UK has to leave the EU as quickly as possible, after exposing the … Read more

Barnier ordered to start no-deal planning as UK refuses to budge on fisheries

Michel Barnier has been told to immediately restart the European Union’s no-deal planning after failing to make a breakthrough in trade talks with Britain. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator told a confidential meeting of MEPs on Friday afternoon that “vast differences” remain between the two sides’ positions after a week-long round of negotiations. The Frenchman’s … Read more

UK tells EU it WILL control its waters after futile Brexit demand

UK tells EU it WILL control its waters after futile Brexit demand

British negotiators refused to budge last night after EU diplomat Michel Barnier called for a delay in the UK’s departure from Brussels rules. He claimed progress in talks about a future UK-EU trade deal had been “disappointing” after a round of discussions by video conference broke up yesterday with a string of issues unresolved. Bitter … Read more

UK fires back at Barnier – Brexit transition WON’T be extended

Grant Shapps and Michel Barnier

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary has shut down suggestions that the Government should request an extension for the transition period amid the coronavirus crisis. Grant Shapps hit out at demands the transition period with the EU should be extended from Michel Barnier. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said that the UK could not refuse to extend the transition while slowing down … Read more

EU negotiator threatens to sink Brexit deal- launches furious rant over fisheries

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier has hit out at Boris Johnson’s refusal to negotiate away access to Britain’s fishing waters, warning it could even scupper a trade deal with Brussels. Speaking after a round of virtual trade talks, the European Union’s chief negotiator claimed David Frost, the Prime Minister’s top Europe adviser, had refused to engage on the … Read more

See why EU WILL collapse to UK demands over no deal Brexit threat

Ursula Von der Leyen, Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

The “bullying” EU will cave to the UK’s demands for a comprehensive post-Brexit free trade deal, with the creaking eurozone on the verge of collapse from the trillions of pounds being spent on the coronavirus crisis, poll voters claimed. Boris Johnson has until June 30 to extend the transition period but is gallantly refusing to … Read more

Do you think EU will cave on UK demands over no deal threat?

Do you think EU will cave on UK demands over no deal threat?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now believed to have the upper hand in EU trade talks because the eurozone faces an economic downtown, some experts have claimed – but do you think the bloc will cave in to UK demands? Boris Johnson has repeatedly ruled out extending the EU transition period, which is due to … Read more

How ex-MEP exposed key advantage UK has over ‘bankrupt EU’

Brexit trade talks have been stalled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but former MEP Ben Habib claimed that the economic turmoil that has ensued may give the UK control in talks. This is because, while the UK grapples with its own economic dilemmas, many countries in the EU are facing recession as lockdowns … Read more