Trump Revokes All of Hillary‘s Privileges as Former First Lady

Hillary Clinton stunned as Trump revokes her privileges.

As a former First Lady, Hillary Clinton was given many privileges and perks by the government. Some of these perks include access to the White House, free food and drink, free medical care, and $20,000 a month for life. Unfortunately for her, it looks like her free ride is coming to an abrupt end, thanks … Read more

Thought Of Possible Trump Second Term Sickens Crooked Hillary

Thought Of Possible Trump Second Term Sickens Hillary Clinton

Adversary and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the thought of President Trump second term makes her “literally sick to my stomach” on a podcast released Monday. “I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that,” Clinton told journalist Kara Swisher while a guest on her podcast. “Well, because it makes … Read more

Trump Invokes Article 9 To Commence Prosecution Of Coup Plotters

Trump Invokes Article 9 To Commence Prosecution Of Coup Plotters

From the moment President Trump was elected into the White House, Democrats have been planning and pushing forward their fake impeachment scam for three years now. The President has finally hit back by invoking Article 9 to prosecute these coup plotters. Their case is without evidence and without merit. It doesn’t meet even the most … Read more

Pelosi Confronts Trump Over U.S Postal Service Sabotage

Pelosi Confronts Trump Over U.S Postal Service Sabotage

House speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders will summon the House back in session this coming week to confront President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the U.S. Postal Service, she announced Sunday night. The House is expected to vote as early as Saturday, Aug. 22, on a proposal to block the Trump administration’s plan … Read more

Trump Wins Another Endorsement That Made Democrats Furious

Trump Wins Another Endorsement That Made Democrats Furious

The NYPD union faced blowback from local Democrats after it endorsed President Trump’s reelection amid budget cuts and tensions between police and city lawmakers. On Friday night, Trump spoke to members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), an organization that represents 24,000 officers, at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. Trump was formally endorsed by … Read more

This president does not need adversaries to dispute his statements. He does that all by himself.

Trump during COVID 19 Briefing

President Trump left little room for doubt. “We’re going to put a hold on money spent to the W.H.O.,” he said, referring to the World Health Organization. “We’re going to put a very powerful hold on it.” But when he was asked a bit later whether it was the right time to delay money for … Read more

GOP Lawmaker Uncovers Rep. Schiff’s Involvement In The Trump-Ukraine Hoax

Adam Schiff vs Donald Trump

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz has exposed Rep. Schiff’s involvement in the on-going Trump-Ukraine Hoax Rep. Matt Gaetz has dug up a nearly two-year-old prank call in which House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff told two Russian radio hosts posing as a Ukranian politician that he would be willing to accept damaging anti-Trump information. … Read more

THE COUP AGAINST TRUMP: The Depth Of Obama And Brennan’s Involvement In The Collusion Hoax Revealed

Obama planned Coup Against Trump

This article reveals the depth of involvement of Obama And John Brennan in the Russian collusion hoax, staged as a coup against president Donald Trump. The Russia Hoax is revealed to have been an elaborate coup attempt and criminal conspiracy against President Trump, run from the inner circle of the Obama White House. The question … Read more