Over 280,000 Patriotic Americans Sign Petition To Indict Nancy Pelosi For Sedition And Treason; SIGN NOW

Sign petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi

A petition requiring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be impeached for treason has already accumulated more than 288,000 signatures. The initiative, supported by 288,565 people, was created by a Georgia woman named Marjorie Taylor Greene on the ‘We the People: Your Voice in the White House’ platform. This official website allows citizens to submit … Read more

BREAKING: Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Ilhan Omar has repeatedly proved to be anti-American and a staunch anti-semite. After just a while in Congress she has managed to spew enough hate for 80 years. This and many more triggered a petition to oust and deport the freshman representative. Ilhan Omar immigrated to the US based on a falsified Visa application. She … Read more