Pelosi Confronts Trump Over U.S Postal Service Sabotage

Pelosi Confronts Trump Over U.S Postal Service Sabotage

House speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders will summon the House back in session this coming week to confront President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the U.S. Postal Service, she announced Sunday night. The House is expected to vote as early as Saturday, Aug. 22, on a proposal to block the Trump administration’s plan … Read more

Pelosi RIPS Trump for blocking Coronavirus Taskforce from testifying before House

Pelosi RIPS Trump for blocking Coronavirus Taskforce from testifying before House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested the Trump administration “might be afraid of truth” after the White House barred members of its Coronavirus Task Force from testifying before the House this month. A recent White House memo ordered task force members and their key deputies not to accept invitations from the House to testify about the coronavirus crisis “during the month of … Read more

JUST IN: Classless Pelosi To Lose Her Seat For RIPPING UP A Paper Copy Of Donald Trump’s SOTU Address

Classless Pelosi, Ripping Up Donald Trump's Paper Copy Of SOTU Speech

Classless Pelosi could lose her seat in a payback action from patriotic Americans angered by her show of disdain for all patriotic Americans. Nancy Pelosi barely let President Donald Trump wrap his State of the Union, and she was already putting on the show, standing dramatically and tearing a paper copy of the speech for … Read more

Over 280,000 Patriotic Americans Sign Petition To Indict Nancy Pelosi For Sedition And Treason; SIGN NOW

Sign petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi

A petition requiring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be impeached for treason has already accumulated more than 288,000 signatures. The initiative, supported by 288,565 people, was created by a Georgia woman named Marjorie Taylor Greene on the ‘We the People: Your Voice in the White House’ platform. This official website allows citizens to submit … Read more

JUST IN: Ocasio-Cortez MOUNTS Impeachment Pressure On House Speaker Over CNN Whistleblower Saga

AOC Pressures house speaker to start impeachment over cnn whistle blower saga against Trump

CNN is working to cover its own fake news story about the whistleblower that they believe heard President Donald Trump ask the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden but controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y) is one of the loudest voices in Congress, even when she has no idea what she is talking … Read more

The Door Of No Return: Depicting Ilhan Omar Crystal Clear Hypocrisy

Ilhan Omar and the door of no return

Freshman Minnesota Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar in an apparent bid to keep a Twitter feud alive with President Trump, tweeted a photo of herself posing with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the “Door of No Return” on the coast of Ghana. Part of a 15-member Congressional Black Caucus junket ( funded presumably by US tax … Read more

JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi banned from speaking on House floor

Nancy Pelosi

“House votes to allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “proceed in order” as though nothing happened, even though it was ruled earlier she broke House rules when it came to decorum. Vote was 231-190. Had the House not voted, the House would have barred Pelosi from speaking the rest of the day” Hse votes to … Read more

DESPERATE IMPEACHMENT MOVES: Nadler’s Falsified Evidence Revealed

Jerrold Nadler

Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chair urged his party to proceed with Trump’s impeachment proceedings even without substantive evidence. He said there is ”certainly” every justification to remove the Commander-in-Chief from office. “Impeachment is a political act, and you cannot impeach a president if the American people will not support it,” said Nadler, D-N.Y. “The … Read more

COLLUSION HOAX: All Efforts To Clear Hillary and Frame Trump Revealed.

Deep State Members

There was never any evidence that Donald Trump “colluded” with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton. It was all a hoax. It constituted what is surely the dirtiest political trick in modern American history. The hoax was based largely on an anti-Trump “dossier” conjured from the fertile imaginations of two nefarious characters: ex-British … Read more

Nancy Pelosi In Dilemma As Key Players Boycott Trump’s Impeachment Plot

Nancy Pelosi

Sixteen freshmen Democrats who appear to be key players in the impeachment fight within the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own caucus are yet to take a stand. They claim they do not support the impeachment of President Trump on one hand or refuse to say where they stand on the issue. These Democrats flipped Republican … Read more