Michael Gove dismantles EU’s fishing demands in Brexit trade deal threat

Michel Barnier and Michael Gove

Brexiteer MP Michael Gove brilliantly dismantled the European Union’s approach to Brexit negotiations over the UK’s fisheries. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster was grilled over the importance of the British fisheries in the Brexit trade deal despite the sector be worth less than 0.5 percent of the UK economy’s GDP. However, Mr Gove outlined the … Read more

No chance! EU needs to WAKE UP over Brexit delay plans

David Frost and Michel Barnier

David Frost will walk away if the EU asks the UK to give too much ground in ongoing talks, and will not be distracted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, an international legal expert has said. David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law at The City Law School, said there was no chance of the transition … Read more

Barnier ordered to start no-deal planning as UK refuses to budge on fisheries

Michel Barnier has been told to immediately restart the European Union’s no-deal planning after failing to make a breakthrough in trade talks with Britain. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator told a confidential meeting of MEPs on Friday afternoon that “vast differences” remain between the two sides’ positions after a week-long round of negotiations. The Frenchman’s … Read more

Boris to go with ‘NO-DEAL’ if Barnier maintains ‘unreasonable’ fishing demands

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

Boris Johnson has been told to walk away from trade negotiations with Brussels unless the bloc compromises on its demands to continue fishing in Britain’s coastal waters. The Prime Minister should use the threat of no deal as leverage to force Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, to backdown in the row over fisheries, a … Read more

Brussels left shocked by Britain’s new hardline approach to trade talks

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

British negotiators finally believe they have Brussels on the back foot with their uncompromising attitude in the talks about a future trade deal. David Frost’s army of officials refused to budge last week after Michel Barnier demanded for the current access to Britain’s fishing waters is maintained as the price for the future relationship pact. … Read more

Boris Johnson to SUPERCHARGE Brexit trade talks- pressures EU for more concessions

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

Boris Johnson wants to supercharge Brexit trade talks this week by pushing EU leaders to put pressure on Michel Barnier for more concessions. And in return a UK draft fisheries proposal could be fast-tracked to be on the table within weeks. The Prime Minister wants his counterparts to give Brussels encouragement to accelerate the talks … Read more

George Galloway exposes Brussels’ desperate plot to stop exit

George Galloway and Brussel's Michel Barnier

George Galloway has launched a scathing rebuke of the EU’s desperate attempt to cling onto the UK, claiming that Brussels are living “in denial” over Brexit after top EU officials urged a two year delay to the exit. George Galloway ripped into the Brussels establishment for living “in denial” over Britain’s departure from the EU. … Read more

UK fires back at Barnier – Brexit transition WON’T be extended

Grant Shapps and Michel Barnier

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary has shut down suggestions that the Government should request an extension for the transition period amid the coronavirus crisis. Grant Shapps hit out at demands the transition period with the EU should be extended from Michel Barnier. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said that the UK could not refuse to extend the transition while slowing down … Read more

EU negotiator threatens to sink Brexit deal- launches furious rant over fisheries

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier has hit out at Boris Johnson’s refusal to negotiate away access to Britain’s fishing waters, warning it could even scupper a trade deal with Brussels. Speaking after a round of virtual trade talks, the European Union’s chief negotiator claimed David Frost, the Prime Minister’s top Europe adviser, had refused to engage on the … Read more

Dominic Cummings panics EU leaders as he rules out extension

Dominic Cummings and Michel Barnier

Chief Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings played a key role in ruling out a Brexit extension this week and is preparing the UK for a no-deal Brexit, a government source has claimed. The top adviser to the Prime Minister returned to his post this week – having recently placed himself into self-isolation … Read more