THE COUP AGAINST TRUMP: The Depth Of Obama And Brennan’s Involvement In The Collusion Hoax Revealed

Obama planned Coup Against Trump

This article reveals the depth of involvement of Obama And John Brennan in the Russian collusion hoax, staged as a coup against president Donald Trump. The Russia Hoax is revealed to have been an elaborate coup attempt and criminal conspiracy against President Trump, run from the inner circle of the Obama White House. The question … Read more

Former CIA Director Tags Trump’s Speech As ‘SOCIOPATHIC RAMBLING’


John Brennan, the former CIA Director reacted to Trump’s comment during an interview as sociopathic rambling. Brennan reacts to Trump’s accusation that he had participated or attempted oust him from office. Brennan was reacting to comments made by Trump during an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday night. “I don’t think it’s surprising at all … Read more