JUST IN: Jeremy Corbyn TORN APART For Attacking Boris’s Response To Coronavirus Crisis

Corbyn Attacks Boris

Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been torn apart online for attacking Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus crisis. Jeremy Corbyn has said it is “ludicrous” that almost half a million health service staff and care workers have not yet been tested for coronavirus. In an interview with Sky News, the outgoing Labour … Read more

Boris destroys Labour’s ‘BULLYING’ of women as Corbyn’s attack BACKFIRES

Boris destroys Labour's 'BULLYING' of women as Corbyn's attack BACKFIRES

Boris Johnson launched a furious attack on Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour Party leader’s attack in the House of Commons backfired, just moments before the Budget 2020. Boris Johnson faced Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons at midday on Wednesday. The clash came just moments before the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, outlined … Read more

Plot To Stop Brexit Thickens Amid Internal Pressure On Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Faces Growing Pressure To Stop Brexit

Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn has come under intense internal pressure to commit Labour to an unequivocal policy of remaining in the European Union as more than 100 councillors issued a joint warning to the party’s ruling body that any form of Brexit would threaten jobs, public services, workers’ rights and the environment. In … Read more