Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Ilhan Omar’s Plot of Becoming House Speaker

Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Ilhan Omar Consequential Plot of Becoming House Speaker

Popular radio host anchor and conservative analyst Rush Limbaugh predicted dire consequences should Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota someday become the speaker of the U.S House of Representatives. The host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” discussed the hypothetical situation during his syndicated radio program in response to a question about the congresswoman asked by a caller. … Read more

Insurgent Primary Challengers Vow To Oust Tlaib and Omar

Omar and Tlaib face insurgent primary challengers.

Two members of the group known as “The Squad” – an influential group of progressive first-term minority congresswomen – are facing serious Democratic primary challengers in the coming weeks. In Minnesota’s heavily Democratic 5th Congressional District – which covers much of the city of Minneapolis and was ground zero for the nationwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd– freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing multiple challengers on the … Read more

BOOM: Veterans Slam Ilhan Omar Over Statement On G.I Bill

Ilhan Omar Under Fire Over Statement On G.I Bill

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar caused a social-media stir this week by promoting an article in which “the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill” was applied to legislation for all Americans. The Minnesota Democrat elicited the ire of veterans and free-market supporters after sharing an AlterNet piece by Will Fischer — a Marine veteran — titled … Read more

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Deny Father To Evade Immigration And Marriage Fraud

Ilhan Omar Deny Father

Rep. Ilhan Omar denied father to cover up immigration and marriage fraud. Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted a 2013 tweet saying that Nur Said is her father in an effort to evade immigration and marriage fraud allegation. Omar was married to a man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who may be her own brother. In Somalia, … Read more

Ilhan Omar Stuns Audience: Equates ICE Detention Facilities With African Slave Dungeons

Ilhan Omar Compares ICE detention Facilities to African slave dungeons

Rep. Ilhan Omar, the controversial congresswoman stunned audience members this week; directly equating ICE detention facilities with “slave dungeons” in Africa at the height of the international slave trade. “We arrived in Ghana. One of the first things we did was visit the dungeons. I remember, as we arrived, one of the guides let us … Read more

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar To Resign As Leaked Evidence Unveils Campaign Fund Scandal

Ilhan Omar Stressed Over Campaign Fund Scandal

Tarek Cherkaoui, the manager of the Turkish state-run news channel TRT World’s research center, wrote an article in April calling upon Turks to donate to the campaign fund of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). The article was widely reprinted in the Turkish media. The article, written for the English-language website of the Turkish pro-government daily … Read more

BREAKING: Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Ilhan Omar has repeatedly proved to be anti-American and a staunch anti-semite. After just a while in Congress she has managed to spew enough hate for 80 years. This and many more triggered a petition to oust and deport the freshman representative. Ilhan Omar immigrated to the US based on a falsified Visa application. She … Read more

JUST IN: Ilhan Omar’s Husband Poised For Divorce After Extra-marital affair Bombshell

Ahmed Hirsi Poised To Divorce Ilhan Omar

The congresswoman’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, the source said, is poised to file for divorce after the revelation in a bombshell court filing that she allegedly had an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage appears to be headed for the rocks, a longtime friend of the couple told The Post. The … Read more

JUST IN: Ilhan Omar’s Latest Resolution Clearly Undermines United States National Sovereignty

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) demanded this week that the United States bring in the United Nations to handle the border crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, a move that would undermine the United States’ national sovereignty. Omar made the remarks on Tuesday while speaking to her constituents during an immigration forum in south Minneapolis. Omar, who … Read more