Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Ilhan Omar’s Plot of Becoming House Speaker

Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Ilhan Omar Consequential Plot of Becoming House Speaker

Popular radio host anchor and conservative analyst Rush Limbaugh predicted dire consequences should Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota someday become the speaker of the U.S House of Representatives. The host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” discussed the hypothetical situation during his syndicated radio program in response to a question about the congresswoman asked by a caller. … Read more

JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi banned from speaking on House floor

Nancy Pelosi

“House votes to allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “proceed in order” as though nothing happened, even though it was ruled earlier she broke House rules when it came to decorum. Vote was 231-190. Had the House not voted, the House would have barred Pelosi from speaking the rest of the day” Hse votes to … Read more

Nancy Pelosi In Dilemma As Key Players Boycott Trump’s Impeachment Plot

Nancy Pelosi

Sixteen freshmen Democrats who appear to be key players in the impeachment fight within the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own caucus are yet to take a stand. They claim they do not support the impeachment of President Trump on one hand or refuse to say where they stand on the issue. These Democrats flipped Republican … Read more

I’m Responding To The President, Not Staff: Pelosi Takes A Shot At Conway


Kellyanne Conway, White House Counselor and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Calif, had a terse exchange after a meeting between President Trump and Democratic lawmakers was cut short on Wednesday. Trump scrapped the meeting, which was slated as an opportunity to discuss the country’s infrastructure, after Pelosi told reporters that the president “engaged in a cover-up” following a meeting with … Read more

House Democrats Compel Leaders To Start Trump Impeachment

Rep. Jamie Raskin

Fresh calls to move forward with President Trump’s impeachment was made on Tuesday by House Democratic leaders. This move is instigated after former White House counsel Don McGahn skipped his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. This fresh impeachment threat is coming from some of the most important voices in the 235-member Democratic caucus. … Read more

‘Did You Bring Your Handcuffs’- AG Barr Dares Pelosi to her face

William Barr and Nancy Pelosi

In a face-to-face meeting on Wednesday, at an event at Capitol Hill, Attorney General William Barr asks House speaker if she ”brought her handcuffs” after accusing the senior Trump official of breaking the law just days ago. ” Colleague Jake Gibson rpts AG Barr spoke to Pelosi in person today, after the National Peace Officers … Read more