House Democrats Compel Leaders To Start Trump Impeachment

Rep. Jamie Raskin

Fresh calls to move forward with President Trump’s impeachment was made on Tuesday by House Democratic leaders. This move is instigated after former White House counsel Don McGahn skipped his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. This fresh impeachment threat is coming from some of the most important voices in the 235-member Democratic caucus. … Read more

OBSTRUCTION DELUSION: House Democrats Introduce Bill to Prosecute Presidents for ‘Crimes’

Jerry nadler

A new legislation to hold presidents accountable should they commit crimes while in office has been introduced this week by members of House Judiciary Committee. This is a clear move against President Donald Trump, on the baseless claims that he obstructed justice during the Russia probe. ”House Judiciary Committee Democrats on Friday introduced a bill that … Read more

Court Files Reveal FBI Opened Obstruction Case Against Trump Before Mueller’s Appointment.

Trump Campaign Spying

Trump had said he wasn’t the target of Mueller probe, assured by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But the final outcome of Mueller probe showed investigators looked closely at whether Trump obstructed Justice. Though a conclusion was not reached at investigation due to lack of sufficient evidence. A recently unsealed court document shows FBI opened … Read more