Juncker attacks Angela Merkel for causing ‘permanent damage’ to the bloc

Jean-Claude Juncker attacking German Chancelor Angela Merkel

Former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has opened up huge divisions within the European Union and condemned the approach taken by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tackle the coronavirus crisis, warning it “will cause permanent damage”. In a revealing interview, the former President of the EU Commission criticised the EU27 for not taking … Read more

See How Brexit ‘saved UK’ from colossal EU bailout bill amid fears Brussels will run out of money

See How Brexit 'saved UK' from colossal EU bailout bill

Boris Johnson’s decision to push through Brexit has saved the UK from a huge financial bill from the EU, amid fears that Brussels could demand billions of euros from member-states as part of a huge coronavirus bailout. Boris Johnson avoided an “economic catastrophe” by pushing through Brexit “at the right time,” according to former Brexit … Read more

BREXIT!!! Now That UK Has Left The EU, See What Happens Next

Britain and E.U. Enter New Trade Deal Battle.

Three days after the U.K.’s formal withdrawal from the European Union, the two sides are squaring off in the “chest beating” phase of negotiations. Just three days after their formal parting, Britain and the European Union were already at loggerheads Monday over a future trade deal, setting the stage for months of bluster and bickering … Read more