BREAKING: Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Petition To Oust And Deport Ilhan Omar Approved

Ilhan Omar has repeatedly proved to be anti-American and a staunch anti-semite. After just a while in Congress she has managed to spew enough hate for 80 years. This and many more triggered a petition to oust and deport the freshman representative. Ilhan Omar immigrated to the US based on a falsified Visa application. She … Read more

Ilhan Omar Should Be Deported For Immigration/Marriage Fraud and Bigamy

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar stands accused of immigration/marriage fraud and bigamy. More precisely, Somalia-born, now-naturalized Ilhan Omar is accused of marrying her own brother while being married to another, as well as misuse of campaign funds, two probably unrelated matters. The apparently cosmopolitan Omar, 36, is said to have used $3,000 in campaign funds for personal … Read more