Joe Biden Preemptively Nominates Obama to Supreme Court

Sleepy Joe Biden Preemptively Nominates Obama to Supreme Court

Democrats always cheat to win elections. They collude with Russia, suppress voters, and gerrymandering their districts in order to get more votes. In fact, they are so confident that Biden will win the White House that they’ve already chosen a Supreme Court Nomination. They have nominated none other than the villainous Barack Obama to fill a … Read more

Trump Invokes Article 9 To Commence Prosecution Of Coup Plotters

Trump Invokes Article 9 To Commence Prosecution Of Coup Plotters

From the moment President Trump was elected into the White House, Democrats have been planning and pushing forward their fake impeachment scam for three years now. The President has finally hit back by invoking Article 9 to prosecute these coup plotters. Their case is without evidence and without merit. It doesn’t meet even the most … Read more

Tucker Shreds Democrats, Makes Bold Claims About Impeachment Efforts

Tucker Makes Bold Claims About Democrats Impeachment Efforts

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shredded Democrats, claiming that they have become “too radical to win a conventional election.” Carlson’s comments came during a segment where he discussed the left’s presidential prospects. He started the segment while reacting to Pelosi’s move to impeach President Trump. “It’s about patriotism, kids. Aunt Nancy says it is,” Carlson … Read more

Laura Ingraham Slams Democrats For Making Impeachment Top Priority

Laura Ingraham Slams Democrats

Laura Ingraham addressed the Democratic agenda on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night saying the party didn’t want Americans to be happy. “So, the better you do and the happier you are, the more money you have in your pocket to spend, the more freedom you have to just live the life you want to live, … Read more

See Why Dems Will Never Win Back Trump Voters

Trump voters

It’s an article of faith among Democrats that the President’s base consists primarily of white working class voters without college degrees, and that they must be won back in order to beat Trump in 2020. This is why Elizabeth Warren inflicted that cringe-making, “I’m gonna get me a beer,” video on a long-suffering electorate. It … Read more

TREASON OR STATESMANSHIP: Democrats’ Hypocrisy on ‘Foreign Interference’

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

Here’s the main question that arises from Media-Democrat shrieking over President Trump’s twaddle about taking campaign-related information from foreign powers: Is it just silly or actually dangerous? When a Republican benefits, it’s treason; when Democrats are in charge, the intelligence agencies serve their candidates. In our latest episode of Un-reality Government, the president was egged … Read more

Trump Fires Back At Hillary After Pelosi’s ‘Doctored Video’ Feud.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton came to the defense of fellow Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi on Friday via the ‘sexism’ card. The Twice-failed Democratic candidate accused the man who she claimed stole her chance of becoming the first female President of the United States, of posting ”sexist trash” to try to disparage the Democratic leader. Clinton also … Read more

MUELLER REPORT CLIMAX: Time to investigate the investigators

Robert mueller, Donald Trump and William Barr

The climax of a two year long investigation by Robert Mueller has been uncovered-complete exoneration of false accusations of collusion and obstruction. It’s now time to investigate the investigators. The outcome of the Mueller report has been applauded by the White House. It cleared the President of the heinous charges that have hung over his … Read more

Adam Schiff Slams Trump Jr., Says ‘We Know He Misled the Country’

Trump Jr and Adam Schiff

Trump Jr has become the new target of Rep. Adam Schiff. Schiff accused Trump Jr of misleading the country during testimony delivered months ago. He baselessly suggested that Donald Trump Jr made false statements about Moscow-Trump Tower meeting. ”We have a lot of concerns about the veracity of [Trump Jr.’s] statements about the Moscow-Trump Tower … Read more

Schumer Accuses McConnell of ‘Cover up’ of Mueller report

mitch mcconnell vs chuck schumer

The Sen. Minority leader Chuck Schumer wants a thorough investigation of the outcome of Mueller report. He specifically directs his accusation to Sen. Mitch McConnell, saying McConnell is trying to ”cover up” Robert Mueller’s ‘No Collusion’ report. ”So [McConnell] says let’s move on. It’s sort of like Richard Nixon saying let’s move on at the … Read more