No chance! EU needs to WAKE UP over Brexit delay plans

David Frost and Michel Barnier

David Frost will walk away if the EU asks the UK to give too much ground in ongoing talks, and will not be distracted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, an international legal expert has said. David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law at The City Law School, said there was no chance of the transition … Read more

EU’s over the top demands may crash trade talks– David Frost hits back at Barnier

Brussels Michel Barnier and UK's David Frost

UK Chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has issued a stark warning to Michel Barnier that Brussels‘ excessive demands risk scuppering any chances of a post-Brexit trade deal. Boris Johnson’s army of officials ignored desperate pleas from the EU’s chief negotiator to delay trade talks after little progress was made in this week’s round of virtual … Read more

Brussels left shocked by Britain’s new hardline approach to trade talks

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

British negotiators finally believe they have Brussels on the back foot with their uncompromising attitude in the talks about a future trade deal. David Frost’s army of officials refused to budge last week after Michel Barnier demanded for the current access to Britain’s fishing waters is maintained as the price for the future relationship pact. … Read more

Downing Street reopens EU talks– will NOT extend December 31 deadline

Michel Barnier and David Frost

Downing Street last night vowed to thrash out a trade deal with Brussels by the end of the year – despite negotiations grinding to a halt due to the coronavirus crisis. Chief negotiator David Frost held crunch talks with Michel Barnier’s deputy Clara Martinez Alberola to discuss how progress can be made over the coming … Read more

Brexit BREAKTHROUGH: UK and EU working on ‘grey zones’

Michel Barnier And David Frost

European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier hinted at a possible post-Brexit compromise after an early round of trade talks with Britain. The Frenchman said he and David Frost, the UK’s chief negotiator, had worked on establishing “grey zones” during their opening session in the Belgian capital. He added that the pair had both agreed on … Read more

Brexit trade talks: Brussels ‘spooked’ as chances of no deal surge after EU tantrum at UK demand

Brussels 'spooked' as chances of no deal surge after EU tantrum. Boris Johnson vs Michel Barnier

Boris Johnson has embarrassed Michel Barnier by highlighting how information from the European Union at the beginning of Brexit negotiations showed how Brussels said a Canada-style free trade deal was the only available relationship with the EU. The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has warned Britain would press ahead with securing a Canada-style trade … Read more