‘Not Again, Satan’: Hillary Clinton Embarrased for Pushing Russian Hacking Conspiracy Again

Hillary Clinton Covered Up In Shame After Backlash For Pushing The Russia Hacking Conspiracy Once Again

Twice-failed democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton never gets tired of playing the ‘Russian hackers’ card. But her hacking conspiracy got her seriously embarrased this time. With the 2016 election interference argument wearing out a bit over the past four years, the same people are pushing the same conspiracy theory, although this time in a different … Read more

DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY: FISA Abuse Narrative On The Rise, Collusion Narrative Withering

Lindsey Graham

On Tuesday night, the Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham talked on the escalating FISA abuse scandal sweeping the DOJ. He said all Americans ”should be concerned” if the nation’s top-secret courts were ”lied to.” “Horowitz will be coming out soon with his internal review of the FISA warrant application, and whether or not the court … Read more