Boris Johnson to SUPERCHARGE Brexit trade talks- pressures EU for more concessions

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier

Boris Johnson wants to supercharge Brexit trade talks this week by pushing EU leaders to put pressure on Michel Barnier for more concessions. And in return a UK draft fisheries proposal could be fast-tracked to be on the table within weeks. The Prime Minister wants his counterparts to give Brussels encouragement to accelerate the talks … Read more

Boris Johnson lashes out at ‘divided and distracted’ EU over bizarre behaviour to Brexit trade talks

Boris Johnson Mocking EU's Michel Barnier Over Bizarre Behaviour to Brexit Trade Talks

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has mocked the European Union for its bizarre behaviour in the run-up to Brexit trade talks. Sources close to Prime Minister Boris Johnson point to the EU’s delay in publishing its negotiation mandate and last week’s chaos over its budget. The recent suggestion by the EU that the Elgin Marbles could … Read more

Brexit trade talks: Brussels ‘spooked’ as chances of no deal surge after EU tantrum at UK demand

Brussels 'spooked' as chances of no deal surge after EU tantrum. Boris Johnson vs Michel Barnier

Boris Johnson has embarrassed Michel Barnier by highlighting how information from the European Union at the beginning of Brexit negotiations showed how Brussels said a Canada-style free trade deal was the only available relationship with the EU. The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has warned Britain would press ahead with securing a Canada-style trade … Read more