Farage exposes Merkel’s radical EU plot that will ruin UK

Nigell Farage and Angela Merkel

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has issued a warning urging the UK to leave the EU by the end of this year or face a huge bill imposed by an even more powerful Angela Merkel and Brussels. Brexiteer Nigel Farage has warned that the UK has to leave the EU as quickly as possible, after exposing the … Read more

Juncker attacks Angela Merkel for causing ‘permanent damage’ to the bloc

Jean-Claude Juncker attacking German Chancelor Angela Merkel

Former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has opened up huge divisions within the European Union and condemned the approach taken by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tackle the coronavirus crisis, warning it “will cause permanent damage”. In a revealing interview, the former President of the EU Commission criticised the EU27 for not taking … Read more

See How Merkel and Sarkozy attempted to circumvent Britain out of negotiation

Merkel and Sarkozy circumvented Britain out of negotiation

Angela Merkel and Nicola Sarkozy teamed up to set up a fiscal union so the EU could bypass Britain’s veto on the revision of the Lisbon Treaty. During the first round of face-to-face negotiations between the EU and the UK in early March, the two sides were cordial but faced “very serious divergences”, according to … Read more

How Germany fears ‘euro may crash’ as bloc cracks post-Brexit

How Germany fears 'euro may crash' as bloc cracks post-Brexit

The EU faces a number of economic challenges as it prepares for life without the UK post-Brexit – with fears ‘euro may crash’ as bloc cracks post-Brexit The currency has been plagued by economic crisis since 2009, as countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus have been unable to repay debts without the … Read more

German Chancellor faces uprising as MPs fed up with ‘wishy washy’ deals

German Chancellor faces uprising as MPs fed up with ‘wishy washy' deals

German MPs have blasted Angela Merkel for cutting ‘wishy washy’ deals with the Social Democrats to retain her position as Chancellor instead of unifying the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). Ms Merkel has been accused of “silencing” the conservative wing in her party and forming deals with the Social Democrats in a bid to secure her … Read more

Merkel and Macron to be issued huge Brexit blow by Donald Trump

Merkel and Macron to be issued huge Brexit blow by Donald Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel could be issued a huge blow if Britain secures a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US. The first round of UK-EU trade talks ended last week, with negotiators acknowledging there were significant differences in what both sides wanted. Brussels still insists on maintaining its … Read more

Angela Merkel admits ‘tough and difficult’ times ahead after budget gap

Angela Merkel admits 'tough and difficult' times ahead after budget gap

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU are under mounting pressure after the post-Brexit budget sparked panic throughout the bloc with the German Chancellor admitting Brussels faces “tough and difficult times“. The German chancellor cried of “very tough and difficult negotiations” on the new seven-year plan. She’s desperate that the EU needs a quick agreement … Read more