Schumer Accuses McConnell of ‘Cover up’ of Mueller report

The Sen. Minority leader Chuck Schumer wants a thorough investigation of the outcome of Mueller report. He specifically directs his accusation to Sen. Mitch McConnell, saying McConnell is trying to ”cover up” Robert Mueller’s ‘No Collusion’ report.

”So [McConnell] says let’s move on. It’s sort of like Richard Nixon saying let’s move on at the height of the investigation of his wrongdoing. Of course he wants to move on. He wants to cover up, he wants to silence on one of the most serious issues we face,” said Schumer from the Senate floor.

A call for the President’s removal was also made by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She claimed the ”information” contained in Mueller’s report was sufficient enough for the House to launch an ”impeachment proceedings”

Earlier this week, the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold the Attorney General ‘In Contempt Of Congress.’ This clearly shows that the DNC are hell bent on driving the collusion hoax to a logical end.

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