Rekindled Hope For NPower Volunteers As FG Debunks Sack Rumours

The Federal Government of Nigeria has debunked the rumours making the rounds of disengaging volunteers from the program being peddled on social media.

Few hours after the sketchy payment of April stipends to Npower volunteers, there were unconfirmed reports that FG is set to sack 500,000 volunteers and replace them with new breeds, after the payment of May stipends.

To buttress this fact of statements, released a statement on 29th may 2020, captioned, ”Nigeria to disengage 500,000 N-Power beneficiaries ‘soon”.

Their statement reads”about 500,000 persons engaged in Nigeria’s social investment programme N-Power will have to look elsewhere for means of livelihood as the government is set to terminate their existing engagement.

They further went ahead to say “The programme has enrolled 500,000 beneficiaries thus far 200,000 from Batch A which started in September 2016 and 300,000 from Batch B which kicked off in August 2018”

In addition they reiterated that “both Batches will soon be terminated soon,” Salisu Na’inna Danbatta, the special adviser on media to the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development told The Guardian on Monday”.

FG via Npower social media handler has publicly debunked the sack rumour being peddled on social media saying volunteers should jettison such news and advice volunteers to always to look to their social media channel for announcements.

This was necessitated when one Hassan lawan inquired from FG-Npower about the sack news being gazetted on social media.

His statement reads,”Npower,what is the actual truth about sacking all volunteers, including batch A and B”,he asked.

FG-Npower reciprocated by saying,we do not confirm rumours,information regarding the programme will always be communicated officially”,

On a lighter note,the sack rumours on social media is still unconfirmed,meaning it could be a falsehood.

However,volunteers should jettison such inflammatory news, and look towards the promises made by the honourable minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management about NPower volunteers’ Permanency.

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