Piers Morgan brands Lord Sugar ‘a disgrace’ in latest feud about coronavirus

Piers Morgan – who fronts Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid – has hit back at Lord Sugar as the pair clashed about the coronavirus outbreak.

Their latest feud began when The Apprentice star took a swipe at Piers, in reference to his various tweets about the Government’s approach to the coronavirus in the UK.

In view of his 5.3 million followers, Lord Sugar quoted Piers saying: “NHS TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED AND I WILL HELP YOU GET IT”… Dear Mr Morgan we need 25,000 ventilators please deliver ASAP. Pathetic man.

“I think he needs the NHS psychiatric department as he is delusional.”


“Boris bashing again. Leave the PM alone he is doing his best you are the only idiot who can’t see it. Causing trouble for self elevation.”

Lord Sugar tweeted the ITV star after the latter shared various tweets about the Government’s response towards the coronavirus.

Today, Piers queried why crowds are still being allowed into supermarkets, despite the advice to self-distance.

He shared a picture of a busy supermarket in view of his seven million followers, alongside the caption: “This is f****ng insane

“Why is the Prime Minister not stopping this??? Where IS he??? People will die from this idiocy.”

In response to a tweet from Boris, he also demanded a “proper lockdown”.

Hitting back at Lord Sugar’s tweets, he replied: “Total number of bitchy tweets @Lord_Sugar’s posted about me to his 5m followers in last 10 days: 70.

“Total number @Lord_Sugar’s posted offering to spend even 1p of his billions to help NHS fight the virus: 0.

“Tweet him what you think of this. I think it’s disgusting.”

He went on to say: “And still all @Lord_Sugar can do is obsessively tweet & RT petty digs about me, as he has for 2 weeks.

“What the f**k is wrong with you? You’ve boasted about your billions & business acumen for years – stop being so pathetic & DO something to help our besieged NHS.”

He added: “You’re a billionaire who’s done absolutely f**k all during this crisis except tell everyone to stop scare -mongering & take incessant pathetic potshots at me from your luxury American mansion.

“Get off your a**e & do something for NHS staff. Your behaviour is a disgrace”

The father-of-four has publicly queried the Government’s approach to the coronavirus in recent weeks.

Last week, he queried why Britain’s schools were still open despite other countries temporarily closing them in a bid to combat the spread.

Days later, Prime Minister Boris announced schools will be closed, as well as the likes of restaurants, pubs and theatres.

Today, 53 more people have died in the UK after being diagnosed with the virus. This brings the death toll to 243.

The deadly virus has affected over 200,000 people worldwide.

The Government has told people to self-distance and only travel if essential.

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