Ocasio-Cortez And Fomer Ice Director In Fierce Battle At Latest Hearing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Squad member, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib had a fierce battle with the former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Tom Homan.
The fight happened during a House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties hearing.

Homan was attacked by Rep. Tlaib and when he defended himself, Rep. Cortez, in a tantrum, kept hitting the gavel to stop him.

“As a fellow American, I want you to know your contribution as acting director of ICE under this administration will be remembered as one that was very ruthless and inhumane.

“I’m deeply troubled by your … continued assault on these innocent lives,” she said as she referenced detained asylum seekers.

Tom Homan wanted to respond but another witness was recognized. But when he did have a chance to respond the fierce battle started.

“I want to address the last comments made about me being appalling and–and first of all I serve my country for 34 years, I saved many lives and I ran an agency–let’s be frank about what ICE does.

“ICE last year took a season opioids off the streets of this country that could have killed every man, woman, and child in the United States twice.

“They have arrested thousands of sexual predators that prayed on children. They rescued thousands of children who are victims of predators.

“They have arrested hundreds of women that were victims of sex trafficking. I am proud of the agency and ICE and what we don’t want to talk about is nearly 90% of everything ICE does.

“Meaning they were found in a county jail which most likely means they are more than a choir boy.

“So to ridicule the work of men and women of ICE is appalling and a member of Congress should not have thrown such a fierce battle at ICE officials,” he said.

That was when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez started hitting the gavel to stop Homan from talking but he continued to speak.

“In my 34 years I have never seen such hate toward law enforcement agency in my life that you want to abolish them rather than doing your job and legislating,” he said.

After the testimony Homan, who is a Fox News contributor, appeared on Fox News and tore into the hearing, and committee.

“I wish I would have let her know, this hearing is a joke, it’s a circus, you’re the head clown,” he said of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

“Because hearings are supposed to be about Congress asking questions to come to some common sense on an issue that’s going on,”

He said that the Democrats did not want answers but wanted to “spend five minutes insulting him and the agency and not have him respond.”

“What sort of transparency is that? I know more about this than any of them do, but they don’t want to hear it,” he said.

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