MUELLER REPORT CLIMAX: Time to investigate the investigators

The climax of a two year long investigation by Robert Mueller has been uncovered-complete exoneration of false accusations of collusion and obstruction. It’s now time to investigate the investigators.

The outcome of the Mueller report has been applauded by the White House. It cleared the President of the heinous charges that have hung over his Presidency even before his inauguration.

The report as a whole was favourable to Trump but also be known as the Special Counsel’s final abuse of power. Nearly 200 pages of irrelevancies about Russia collusion were contained in the report. But it could not disguise the fact that all of those alleged contacts between the Russians and the Trump campaign amounted to nothing, legally or substantively.

The fact also remains that, the institutional climate in the Justice Department is so hostile to the President to a point that even a scintilla of evidence supporting a criminal indictment would have been pursued.

Liberal members of Congress and their media allies are furious with Attorney General William Barr for blowing up the Mueller report smear job. The Mueller team had wanted to drop it’s 448-page smear bomb on the American people, who then would have had to sort through the insinuation and fake legal analysis without context. However, the Attorney General has done a great job by imposing necessary discipline on the release, explaining to Congress and the American people in plain terms that there was no collusion and no obstruction.

William Barr now faces impeachment threat from Democratic -media swamp for his truthfulness to the American people.

The lingering argument over ‘obstruction’ fits with the evident agenda of the anti-Trump Mueller team to create lingering political difficulties for the President, even though he has been cleared of legal jeopardy.

Mueller speculates guilt and then refuses to ‘exonerate’ president Trump. This turns the US legal system upside down and shows the rule of law is no bar to smearing President Trump.

Missing Part Of Mueller Report

The missing part of the Mueller report is an honest discussion about the origins of the unverified hearsay in the ”Steele dossier”that formed the underpinning of the unprecedented spying effort against Trump and his campaign.

The genesis of the Steele dossier and actions of members of the Obama administration who exploited it to target the Trump campaign are very much in the crosshairs.

Justice Department inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation of the abuse of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process will soon conclude, and may result in criminal referrals. Attorney General William Barr also promises an even broader investigation of ”spygate” abuses.

Apart from the abuse in the Justice Department, the US intelligence community was also politicised to an extent never seen in history; the State Department played a role in pushing the sham collusion story. And President Obama almost certainly knew about and approved the spying being conducted on the Trump campaign.

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