Minister Secures Approval For July Stipends To Volunteers

A lot of information concerning stipends and disengagement of NPower beneficiaries of Batches A and B have been making the rounds on social media.

While some of the beneficiaries clamour for permanency, others have opined that a good exit package in the form of a loan or grant would be sufficient enough to assist beneficiaries in their quest for a better life.

With June stipends 80% paid and July stipends still in limbo, many of the volunteers have doubts if the stipends will ever be paid again as the minister maintains that both batches have been exited.

The minister has however broke the silence, making a brief statement regarding July stipends via her twitter handle on 30th August, 2020. She announced that ”During the week, approval was given for the payment of outstanding stipends for the exited N-Power Batches A and B beneficiaries. Details would be announced in due course even as we continue the review of Batch C applications.”

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