JUST IN: Cyber Defense Summit Drops Hillary Clinton As keynote Speaker Over Criminal Charges

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clintoon

You may vaguely recall the report on Hillary Clinton giving the Keynote speech at a cyber security summit hosted by FireEye, Inc in Washington, D.C. this fall. The irony was lost on no one, except, it seems, the organizers and the keynote speaker. 

Clinton was under scrutiny for the better part of her 2016 presidential campaign for using a private server for sensitive State Department activity during her tenure as secretary of state. It was worthy of an FBI investigation. While former FBI director James Comey found no reason to pursue criminal charges against Clinton, he did say she had been “extremely careless” with her emails and her treatment of classified material. So, FireEye invited her to offer some advice on a subject with which she clearly struggled.

Now, due to “unforeseen circumstances,” or perhaps the circumstances mentioned above, Clinton will not be addressing the cyber security crowd.

FireEye’s 10th annual Cyber Defense summit in October is intended to “bring together many of the world’s leading security experts, frontline heroes, government leaders, and executives from various industries to address the challenges of today’s threat landscape.” 

Yes, perhaps it’s best she skipped this one.

10 thoughts on “JUST IN: Cyber Defense Summit Drops Hillary Clinton As keynote Speaker Over Criminal Charges

  1. If you have seen American Made re: Barry Seal, I was an undercover narcotics agent in the 80’s before Killery and Billery were a household name. We got warrants to go them both, then some federal judge said we couldn’t touch them, well to shorten the story, they were Pablo Escobars US connections thus when the heat got hot, they set Barry up in Baton Rouge, La. to be gunned down, so who are these people, do they have a video of George Soros fn a German shepherd ?? Time for justice…and I will not be be laughing my ass off either.

  2. Click the tweet. There is nothing in there about Criminal charges.
    RT proving they carry Trunps water for him yet again

  3. In other news…

    Saudi Arabia will be named as permanent chair of the UN Human Rights Panel…

  4. I had originally thought it was fake news…. I’ve been working in IT since the 80s….seen some pretty questionable experts, but that boggled my mind! So nice to hear that she couldn’t buy her way into that particular Homage.

  5. Choosing this woman as Cyber security Keynote was an insult to anyone with a working brain. PERIOD.

    There isn’t enough space to list all the reasons.

  6. Hopefully this is just the beginning for Hillary, and she ends up in jail. Looks good on her, she’s skated far too long with her crimes against the people of America, not to mention Vince Foster and Seth Rich!

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