JOE BIDEN’S CAMPAIGN: A Mirror Of Another Hillary’s 2016 Disaster

Insiders of the Democratic Party have raised concerns that Joe Biden’s campaign is similar to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 race for the White House. These Dems strategist are worried that Biden Has ”paid no heed” to lessons from Hillary Clinton’s surprise defeat.

”The opening days of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s third presidential campaign are giving some Democrats flashbacks to another presidential front-runner: Hillary Clinton,” the New York Times report.

”As he ramps up his presidential campaign, Mr. Biden appears to have taken some lessons from Ms. Clinton’s defeat — but paid no heed to others. Even as he structures his campaign around an implicit critique of her general election effort, offering a full-throated appeal to working-class voters at his opening event in a Pittsburgh union hall, Mr. Biden has embraced the kind of incumbent-like, establishment campaign that left Ms. Clinton open to a fierce primary challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders,” reports the Times.

Mr. Biden boast of his decades of government experience, close relationship with former president Barack Obama and intimate knowledge of world leaders.

But his case now is different as he would have to face a historically large and diverse field of candidates whom have already spent months scrutinizing parts of his long political record.

”It’s a very different moment,” said Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, a progressive civil rights advocacy group that has consulted with 2020 candidates. “At the end of the day, Hillary was a historic figure, and Biden will have to explain, in a moment when there are many historic figures running, why him?”

Joe Biden criticised Hillary Clinton’s campaign for failing to address the economic challenges faced by working class Americans then. And now, he has adopted same rhetoric of Ms. Clinton in his primary campaign, concentrating his efforts around a moral call for returning to the values of a pre-Trump America.

”Everybody knows who Donald Trump is, but we’ve got to let him know who we are,” Mr. Biden told a crowd of voters gathered at a brewery in Iowa City. “We’ve got to start by making it clear we choose hope over fear, we choose unity over division.”

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