Joe Biden Kicks Off Campaign Rally In Philadelphia-Explicitly Mocks Trump

Former US vice president, Joe Biden officially launched his presidential campaign rally in Philadelphia, his birth city. His presidential kickoff speech explicitly condemns President Trump and call for all to unite against Trump.

Biden’s supporters though encouraged his style of campaign even though there’ve been fears going back to 2016 that focusing on Trump is the best way to lose to Trump.

“I think it needs to be said,” Kristina Bell, 48, said, after listening to Biden talk about Trump repeatedly during the event. “Parents shouldn’t have to explain to their kids that their president is a liar… that’s not what this country’s about.”

“I think it’s wonderful. Someone has to hold Trump accountable,” said Tracey Inman, 54.

Supporters at Biden’s rally said they think candidates openly targeting Trump is necessary and honest. Exactly what Joe Biden is doing, as he positions himself as already going up against the President himself, with a lead in primary polls.

Biden’s campaign rally speech is centered around a ”unity” theme, set against Trump, who he called the ”divider in chief”

At the rally, Biden also talked the battle for ”the soul of the nation” and referred to the Trump administration as a ”threat to this nation, to our democracy”

“We’ve watched the president now for three years. Look at what he’s doing. Instilling fear, I mean not joking, instilling fear, sowing division, stroking racial division,” Biden said. “Undercutting every institution that was designed to check the abuse of power.”

This is one of the most aggressive efforts from any 2020 Democrat so far to directly talk about the President’s divisive and racist rhetoric. Biden refers to Trump as a morally unfit leader and portrays himself as a uniting figure for the country.

Rather than detailing specific proposals for what he’do in office to set him apart from other Democrats, he focuses on Trump. This focus has gotten on Trump’s radar as he repeatedly tweets about Biden in recent weeks.

“I love that, and the fact that Trump is responding shows that Biden is getting under his skin,” said Angie Johnson, 50 years old.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Jenna Williams, 24, but she added that she would like to see Biden give more detail on what policy he’d pursue as president.

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