INF TREATY WITHDRAWAL–A Breakdown Of Arms Control.

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

Production and acquisition of arms over the years have proliferated from light arms to intercontinental ballistic missiles and much more.

As arms proliferation continued, the United States and Soviet Union decided to bring the menace under control by signing a treaty.

US and Soviet Union Representative Signing INF Treaty

Both Countries agreed in 1987 to ban programs tailored towards the development of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces.

The treaty bans production and acquisition of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces that could reach between 500-5500km.]

Why Is The US Withdrawing From INF Treaty

The United States had announced it would pull out of the Nuclear pact agreement last year October. It has stated that the move is in reaction to Russia violating the INF treaty.

White House maintains that the US has kept to the Nuclear pact agreement. It cited Russia as violating the terms of the treaty and would want them destroy all equipments which constitutes a bridge to the agreement.

Trump accused Russia of testing land range missiles which violates the treaty. These misssiles poses a treat to it’s European allies and American forces operating in such region.

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin also retaliated by announcing withdrawal from the Nuclear pact agreement. Putin accused the US of developing similar weapon programs and would want them investigated.

As both countries accuse each other of violating the INF Treaty, critics have opined that this could start a new arms race.

Consequences of Withdrawal

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Weapon
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Weapon

The consequences of withdrawal from the INF Treaty could be a start in new arms race.

China and other countries not bounded by the treaty but have showed Nuclear capabilities could be on the advantage.

Critics have said a withdrawal from the treaty could lead to a breakdown of arms control.

Although it takes six months to fully exit the treaty. Calls have been made to both parties to remain bounded by the treaty in order not to escalate arms control.

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