Furious Brexiteers demand Johnson push for no deal Brexit

Furious leave supporters argued that the UK Prime Minister should push for a no deal Brexit as one remarked he doesn’t give a “s***” about an EU deal.

Leave supporters in East London insisted that Boris Johnson was doing a good job with Brexit and argue that they would be happy with a no deal Brexit. Leading/Edge YouTube Channel conducted their first Street Talk episode where they ask people around the country their opinion on the current political developments. The host explained the first show would be in Stratford and he quickly found that some Brexiteers were enraged at the MPs fighting against Boris Johnson and wish he succeeded on a no deal Brexit.

The first Leave supporter said: “I don’t give a tinker’s s*** about a deal.

“I think the EU is a conspiracy, a bankers conspiracy.

“I think it dithers working-class people across this continent out of a decent standard of living.”

The Street Talk host then questioned whether the Leaver trusted Boris Johnson.

He replied: “I love Boris Johnson.

“I think the pathetic accusation of touching a woman’s leg 20 years ago is typical of the PC **** that is covering this country like diarrhoea.

“I absolutely despise and hate all this c**p.

“I like Boris Johnson he is a jolly good chap.

“He is someone I would happily have a drink with and he is a fine man doing the best for this country.”

The host then questioned another Brexiteer in Stratford who insisted he was brilliant.

She said: “I think Boris Johnson is brilliant.

“I think he’s really doing a good job and taking a stand.

“That is what we need, someone who some balls actually.”

When asked about Mr Johnson getting a deal she added: “I am not bothered about Boris getting a deal, I’m happy for him to try but not worried.

“It is looking like the EU are leaning towards accepting a deal this time around.

“Maybe he will manage it with a little bit of tweaking on the backstop”

When asked on the aftermath of a no deal Brexit she said: “It is not something I worry about.

“I think we will suffer for a few months after no deal but overall it doesn’t worry me.

“We have got to get out and that is it.”

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