Far Leftist Activist David Hogg Makes A shocking Revelation On Gun Violence

Far Leftist Activist David Hogg Makes A shocking Revelation On Gun Violence in an interview with MSNBC.

Hogg appeared on MSNBC on Friday night where he demonized white people and suggested that the United States has a problem with violence because the U.S. government committed “indigenous mass shootings.”

Hogg joined MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who asked Hogg what he thought about the “very violent culture in America.”

Hogg responded, “I think it comes down to reckoning with our history, and our history of white supremacy in the United States, and the fact that we live in a post-genocidal society, oftentimes that was orchestrated by the United States government and that, if we want to talk about mass shootings, we have to recognize the massive number of indigenous mass shootings that were committed by the United States government.”

“I think back to the Battle of Wounded Knee and the several hundred Native Americans, predominantly men, women, and children that were slaughtered by the United States government back in the 19th century, and how that’s never discussed as a mass shooting and that’s wrong because those people were not armed, and we were stealing their land,” Hogg continued. “I think it comes down to reckoning with the tough history and realizing that it’s okay if you recognize the actual history of the United States, it’s okay to hate that injustice that much of this country has been founded on and much of the oppression that this country was founded on. That doesn’t mean you hate America because it means you love your fellow Americans so much that you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

At another point during the segment, Hogg demonized white people, suggesting that they were the primary drivers of gun violence in the U.S.

“White people feel that it is more American to pick up a gun because you are afraid of what you don’t know than it is to actually explore what you don’t know and have the courage to actually address that,” Hogg said, adding, “because I would personally argue that peace is patriotic.”

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