Dan Crenshaw Blasts Bernie For Inducing Voters With Fake Policies

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was on Tuesday slammed by Rep. Dan Crenshaw for inducing voters with impossible federal spending levels. In a statement credited to the Ex-Navy Seal, he said ”My generation knows better than to believe false socialist promises.

” Maybe because my generation realizes Sanders’ policies are a false promise backed by impossible federal spending levels… Can’t buy off young people with ‘free’ everything. We know better,” said Crenshaw on social media.

Crenshaw’s comments referenced the recent plunge in Sanders’ support among millennial voters.

Sanders has proposed series of new programs on his campaign trail which includes debt forgiveness, Medicare for All, tuition-free colleges, universal child care, a federal jobs program, the Green New Deal and more.

Economic Implications of Sanders’ Policies

Although leading economist have analysed and placed the price-tag for Sanders’ policies at more than $20,000 per taxpayer.

” Maya MacGuineas, the president of independent and bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, warned on ‘Fox and Friends’ Tuesday morning that Bernie Sanders’ policies could cost $20,000 per taxpayer,” according to Fox News

“I don’t know whether they plan to finance all of that or add that to the very large national debt, but the costs are certainly high. I know trillion is kind of hard to get your arms around. But when you bring it down per taxpayer, we are talking more than $20,000 increase in taxes,” said the group’s leader.

“If you look at healthcare, free tuition, family leave, child care – those proposals will all have a price tag of over $20,000 per taxpayer,” MacGuineas added.

The self-described Democratic socialist has refused to accept the study showing the outrageous cost of his proposed policies. But instead claims universal healthcare would actually save $2 trillion over ten years as opposed to $32 trillion shown as the cost for his ‘Medicare for all’ program.

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