Court Files Reveal FBI Opened Obstruction Case Against Trump Before Mueller’s Appointment.

Trump had said he wasn’t the target of Mueller probe, assured by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But the final outcome of Mueller probe showed investigators looked closely at whether Trump obstructed Justice. Though a conclusion was not reached at investigation due to lack of sufficient evidence.

A recently unsealed court document shows FBI opened an obstruction of justice case against President Trump even before Robert Mueller’s appointment to investigate US-Russia interference in the 2016 election.

A court document released this week revealed an avenue of investigation was being instituted before Mueller even took over. In a federal court hearing in January 2018, Michael Dreeben, an attorney for the special counsel’s office said, ” Before the appointment of the Special Counsel on May 17th, the FBI had opened up an investigation into obsstruction of justice.”

Democrats on Capitol Hill have zeroed in on the obstruction allegations contained in the report,vowing to investigate the details which will finally amounts to an impeachment proceedings.

Republicans have reacted with a push back, saying the President could not have obstructed justice since Mueller found no underlying crime by Trump associates of coordinating with the Russians in the 2016 election.

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