China Succeeds Lunar Exploration As Chang’ e-4 Lands on The Far Side Of The Moon.

China Succeeds Lunar Exploration As Chang’ e-4 Lands on The Far Side Of The Moon.

China could be on the path to a tremendous extraterrestrial ambition victory as it has become the first ever to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) successfully landed the robotic Chang’ e 4 in the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin, which the largest, oldest, deepest, crater on the lunar surface.

Although there was a bit of confusion as early tweets by State-run Media China Daily and CGTN celebrating the successful landing, were deleted.

A tweet by China Daily’s Trust said ”China’s Chang’ e 4 landed on the moon’s far side, inaugurating a new chapter in mankind’s lunar exploration”.

CCTV later confirmed the landing happened at 10:26am (2.26am GMT)

Chang' e 4 on the moon
Chang’ e 4 On The Moon


Change’ e 4 is expected to take a detailed measurements of the moon’s terrain,its internal and mineral composition.

The Aitken Basin is believed to have emerged during a gigantic bombardment very early in the moon’s history.

This bombardment is likely to have spewed materials from the internal part of the moon, which means there could be new theories as to how the natural satellite emerged,owing to informations that will be obtained from Chang’ e 4 exploration.

Chang' e 4 ffew moments before landing on the moon
Chang’ e 4 Moments before Landing On The Moon

Malcolm Davis, Senior analyst in defense strategy and capability at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, touted the successful landing as a ” huge feathers in China’s cap ”

”There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the space program in China. There’s a lot of nationalism in China, they see China’s role in space as a key part of their rise”.

NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said the landing is ”an impressive accomplishment”

Malcolm Davis said China’s successful landing could ” set a fire under the Americans”,as they may not welcome the idea of a Chinese been the next person to set foot on the moon.

” I imagine we will see an announcement the Chinese do intend to send Taikonauts, (as they are unofficially called by the Americans) to the moon by 2030”, said Davis.


Multiple factors could have triggered this strong move such as, desire for military dominance of space, access to vast resource wealth provided by the moon and asteroids like Helium-3 and dominance as a display of China’s growing power.

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