‘YOU LOST’-Jacob Rees-Mogg humiliates SNP MP after furious Scottish independence rant

Jacob Rees-Mogg Vs SNP's Sheppard

Jacob Rees-Mogg tore into the SNP in the House of Commons asking them to finally accept the result of the 2014 independence referendum. The Leader of the House of Commons was exhausted by yet another suggestion of Scottish independence despite stating clearly time and time again the result of the 2014 referendum was final. He … Read more

Boris Johnson Would Have Sorted Brexit Long Ago If Not For Theresa May’s Selfish Act.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had Brexit taken out of his hands years ago by Theresa May when she was Prime Minister and he was Foreign Secretary, potentially delaying the UK’s departure from the European Union by several months. Former Prime Minister Theresa May dramatically resigned last June following a series of humiliating defeats in the … Read more

BREXIT!!! Now That UK Has Left The EU, See What Happens Next

Britain and E.U. Enter New Trade Deal Battle.

Three days after the U.K.’s formal withdrawal from the European Union, the two sides are squaring off in the “chest beating” phase of negotiations. Just three days after their formal parting, Britain and the European Union were already at loggerheads Monday over a future trade deal, setting the stage for months of bluster and bickering … Read more

BREXIT DAWNED!! Dumb & Angry French MEP Brands Brexit A Mistake

BREXIT DAWNED!! Dumb & Angry French MEP Brands Brexit A Mistake

French MEP, Nathalie Loiseau, an ally of French President Emmanuel Macron, had no other option than brands Brexit a mistake, warning the divorce would hurt both the British and European economy. The Brussels bloc lost one of its most powerful members on Friday night as the UK – which represents 15 percent of Europe’s GDP … Read more

BREAKING!!! MEPs In Surprise STUNT As UK Finally Takes Back Control

MEPs Celebrating BREXIT

THE European Parliament tonight brought the curtain down on Brexit after MEPs voted overwhelmingly to support the deal hammered out by Boris Johnson and his European counterparts last year. paving the way for Britain to leave the bloc on Friday. During a tumultuous debate over its terms, Euro politicians displayed dramatically contrasting emotions as Brexit … Read more

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Grant UK VISA’s And It’s Imminent Bias

AI Used To Grant UK VISA

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Grant UK VISA’s has recieved a backlash from right campaigners about the effectiveness of filtering UK VISA applications. Immigrant rights campaigners have begun a ground-breaking legal case to establish how a Home Office algorithm that filters UK visa applications actually works. The challenge is the first court bid to … Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg SLAMS John Bercow For Helping MPs Defy Boris Johnson Over Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg Slams House Speaker John Bercow

Jacob Rees-Mogg , the new Commons Leader tore into Bercow’s handling of Brexit in a Manchester Conference speech, saying ‘in my view, he has now flown too close to the sun.’ The Speaker has attracted criticism and support over a series of pro-Parliament decisions that have infuriated the governments of Boris Johnson and Theresa May. … Read more