CANZUK: Australia, Canada and New Zealand could form NEW ‘superpower’ alliance with Brexit Britain

Australia, Canada and New Zealand could form NEW ‘superpower’ alliance with Brexit Britain

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand could form a federation with Brexit Britain, CANZUK, to create “superpower” after fully cutting ties with the EU, a historian has claimed Historian Andrew Roberts described the federation of nations whose majority of people speak English could be a free trade zone with the free movement of people. The idea … Read more

Remainer Anna Soubry panics as Brexit deadline could land her perilous outcomes

Anna Soubry is in panic as Brexit deadline looms. Panic is sweeping through the Remainer camp with Anna Soubry warning a no deal outcome between the UK and European Union is “perilously close”, accusing Leave leaders of “lying” to the country. Britain and the European Union have resumed face-to-face talks over a post-Brexit trade deal for the … Read more

Macron splits from Brussels over fisheries as France imposes deal deadline

Macron splits from Brussels over fisheries as France imposes deal deadline

Emmanuel Macron has doubled down on its hardline Brexit rhetoric, sparking tensions with Brussels, as French lawmakers set out a strict deadline for a deal and reiterated an uncompromising fisheries stance. France has warned that a no deal Brexit is becoming increasingly likely, as one of Emmanuel Macron’s top ministers set out a deadline for a deal. … Read more

Nigel Farage FURIOUSLY blast Michel Barnier: ‘He doesn’t get it’

Nigel Farage

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage furiously blast the EU’s chief negotiator, claiming Michel Barnier still “genuinely didn’t understand” why people voted for Brexit. Last week, Nigel Farage threatened Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he will take action if the UK is not ‘free’ from the EU by December. Marking the one year anniversary since the Brexit Party … Read more

UK savages ‘unreasonable’ bloc sending Barnier into “visible exaperation”

Michel Barnier and David Frost

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier stunned reporters as he deviated from his usual “unflappable” nature to show “visible exaperation” at accusations from UK negotiator David Frost about the failed Brexit talks. Brexit talks are on the verge of collapse after a row broke out between UK Chief Negotiator David Frost and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier. … Read more

EU greed laid bare by extraordinary fact as Brussels RAIDS British waters

Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier on fisheries

Boris Johnson is intent on reclaiming Britain’s fishing waters after being warned of the huge imbalance of trade enjoyed by European trawlermen. The Prime Minister has ordered his chief negotiator, David Frost, to prioritise a fisheries agreement with the European Union that hands back control of the country’s waters to the Government. British negotiators have … Read more

Lord Adonis sparks backlash after demanding delay – ‘17.4million disagree!’

Lord Adonis demands delay in post brexit transition period

Ardent Remainer Lord Adonis has sparked fury on social media after suggesting the UK should have no hesitation in extending the post-Brexit transition period with the European Union. In a post on Twitter, Lord Adonis indicated the whole nation wanted the UK to extend the negotiating period beyond December 31 – however, the ardent Remainer … Read more