BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Subverts The US Constitution Over Comments On Mississippi Raid

Rep Ilhan Omar has again subverted the US Constitution by condemning the arrests of nearly 700 people in Mississippi raid by ICE agents.

”How dare you applaud as hundreds of children are left orphaned by ICE. How dare you associate danger with this community days after a mass shooting targeting their community. This is the language of dehumanization and its only logical end is violence.”

In her latest tweet, Omar said:

The one who married her own brother and fraudulently filed taxes now staged a lesson on law and morality over the Mississippi raid by ICE agents

Ilhan Omar, trying to keep ICE from enforcing the law or deporting illegals has therefore subverted the US Constitution. This blatant breaking of the Oath to the US Constitution by Ilhan Omar is despicable and should be impeachable.

Allowing millions of unskilled foreigners into The US will inevitably cause the economic collapse of America.

US immigration officials arrested almost 700 people after a series of raids in the state of Mississippi.

The co-ordinated Mississippi raid targeted workers at seven agricultural processing plants who allegedly did not have proper documentation.

Videos and photos showed agents arriving in buses to question and arrest the people.

Some children were taken to a local gym after they came home to find their parents gone.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said “approximately 680 removable aliens” had been detained.

About 600 ICE agents arrived at the chicken processing plants, owned by five different companies, in the towns of Bay Springs, Canton, Carthage, Morton, Pelahatchie and Sebastopol.

The agency’s acting director, Matthew Albence, told the Associated Press news agency it was one of the largest enforcement operations against undocumented immigrants.

Friends and family looked on as officers surrounded plants and began to arrest the workers.

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