Boris takes fishing war to EU with new £20m surveillance planes

Boris Johnson has hired the planes to ensure other countries do not continue to fish in the waters following the EU divorce, as leaders continue to struggle through Brexit during the coronavirus crisis.

The Environment Secretary George Eustice has warned that British firms exporting fish to the EU will face friction after the post-Brexit transition period ends. The surveillance aircrafts were originally hired for rescue missions and to monitor pollution. However, leaders have hired the planes to monitor the waters. Brexit negotiations between the EU and UK had been scheduled this week but were cancelled following the coronavirus outbreak. There have also been calls for both sides to initiate an extension to the Brexit transition period which ends on December 31, 2020.

So far, Boris Johnson has rejected any extension despite parts of the EU being in lockdown.

The deadline to extend the period ends on June 30.

If an extension is agreed, there is the possibility of having a two-year window for talks to take place.

Trade expert David Henig said: “I don’t see how you can realistically, by the end of June, make a decision on how trade talks are going.

“You would be doing it with a lot of people under pressure, dealing with something that really is an arbitrary deadline.

“This is the classic force majeure cause – an unforeseen circumstance of the extreme degree.”

Thanks to the UK’s effort to stockpile supplies for a no deal Brexit, Britain now has an increased amount of hazmat suits and masks.

The revelation was made by Jeremy Hunt during a select committee session today.

Former Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib has rubbished claims over a possible Brexit extension.

He advised there is no need to extend the transition period in a tweet on his Twitter profile as he warned the Uk needs the “cash at home”.

He said: There is no need to extend the Transition Period. As awful as the virus is, it reduces the need for a trade deal now.

“We also must cease paying £1billion a month. We need the cash at home!”

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