Ben Shapiro SERVES CNN’s Don Lemon A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Ben Shapiro SERVES CNN’s Don Lemon A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Following the Democratic presidential debate in Detroit Tuesday, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro called out CNN host Don Lemon, saying he was unfit to serve as an unbiased moderator and should run for the nomination himself.

Shapiro accused Lemon during his daily podcast Wednesday of being overtly left-leaning, before telling him to drop the facade and join the other presidential candidates on stage.

“Don Lemon, who is just … the worst Democrat debate facilitator ever — he’s just terrible because he should be on the stage,” Shapiro said. “If he actually wants to run, he should just run.”

He later criticized Lemon for a question he asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., during Tuesday’s debate, that implied Trump voters were willing to forgive hateful bigotry in exchange for economic prosperity.

“What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry?” Lemon asked.

Shapiro responded by saying the CNN host is “awful at his job” and shouldn’t be considered a true member of the press.

“Don Lemon is terrible,” he said. “Let me just point out that Don Lemon and CNN who helped moderate this debate is awful at his job. The fact that he is considered an objective journalist is ridiculous … it’s just insane.”

“Don Lemon is fine calling Trump voters racist,” Shapiro added. “They don’t care if the president is a vicious bigot so long as they get their tax cut. What journalisming [sic] from Don Lemon. What a great, objective journalist he is. CNN, the most trusted name in news. What a joke.”

Four years ago, Democrats came up with a new and untested political theory: They could win the White House, their strategist promised, if only they called enough people racist.

That was the plan. Hillary Clinton for one, thought it was brilliant. By Election Day, she had denounced fully half the country as bigots.

In the end, it did not work. Maybe not surprisingly, it turns out that when you tell people you hate them, they don’t care for it. What voters strongly prefer, actually, is when you try to improve their lives. It’s not complicated. And yet somehow — and this is the remarkable part, if you think about it — Democrats have in the three years since they lost, steadfastly refused to learn this lesson. Improve people’s lives?  They’ll tell you. “No, thanks.”

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34 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro SERVES CNN’s Don Lemon A Taste Of His Own Medicine”

  1. Must be getting close to election time. Lol. We should be renamed The Divided States of America.
    Your all puppets of the “division game”
    Who can tear down and smear each other the worse.
    When you wake up and realize your all puppets in this masterful game the politicians play, then, and only then, can you think of yourself as intelligent and educated.

  2. I wonder if you plan to do a similar article on some of those Fox News reporters who regurgitates what your idiot and chief says. Which is nothing but lies. They think our American people don’t see what a dangerous state we are in under this leader. Thank God for Don Lemon and CNN for keeping us updated. I believe American are fed up with this ass and knows EVERYTHING coming out of his mouth is lies. Like he usually says ‘There is no one in the world better than me.’ You got that right.

    • You’re making a mistake. There is a huge difference between tv show hosts and supposed journalists who are supposed to report the news. Think about that fact that it’s their duty to report the news and deliver facts and then watch what CNN and Don Lemon do. It’s atrocious. See past your blind hatred for Trump and aim some of that in the other direction. You’re being lied to and you’re ok with it cause you share the same opinion. Ben Shapiro is an institution and unbiased as they come and the fact he went after Dom Lemon should say a lot. He’s right. Very right. And Trump has done more for America than Obama could dream to. Look it up and get your news elsewhere.

  3. Sounds like Ben Shapiro doesn’t like truth. Trump supporters are willing to overlook racism in exchange for economic prosperity. That’s a true statement. Ok not totally true, because living in a trailer is not “economic prosperity.”

    • You do understand that (a) your classism makes you a bigot and (b) calling people racists doesn’t absolve you of your own racism. You don’t seem to care when policies force indigenous populations to convert to Islam in countries where Muslims now dominate and hate and ridicule indigenous culture. You are a racist clown.

  4. I’m not American so i have no horse in this race i will say this yes DonLemon is overtly left leaning. However he is a moderator for the Democratic Presidential debates not rocket science to expect him to form questions that are leftist. Your president is clearly racist his tweets reaffirm this on a daily basis. That said i don’t believe all his supporters are racist. If you join in the chants of send her home you are partaking in a racist action it is mindboggling to witness your country being so divided along ethnic and political lines. America is a country of immigrants in this posters humble opinion y’all need to remember you are the UNITED states of America. Meet in the middle settle your differences on immigration racism and vote in leaders that UNITE not Divide.

    • Also clearly racist is how white liberals don’t care that the indigenous people of Malaysia and Indonesia are facing the extermination of their respective faiths and cultures. You’re too busy defending those who share the faith and culture of those responsible. Those with a history of colonialism as reprehensible as that of the west.

  5. Ben shapiro. There are two kinds of people in this world. Lovers and haters. Trump and his supporters are haters. They never grew up with adult behaviors. Or they just dont know any better. I decided trump is okay as long as we have checks and balances but am still very uneasy. We will be lucky if we come out of these 4 years without a war. A racist is someone who does not accept themself as they are. Since trump is a narcissist then we all know he is not good enough. If someone isnt good enough how is anyone else going to be good enough. Don Lemon is right on. Leave him alone. Shapiro, you dont know right from wrong or love from hate.

    • I implore you to do more research and open your eyes. Everything you just stated was either misguided or patently false.

  6. If Shapiro can ever take his mouth away from Trump’s Crotch,he would see the reality of Trump’s bigotry and racist rants.Lemon was conducting a Democratic Presidential debate, hence his observations were mostly based on his experiences of being a man of color in 21st Century America. If Ben Shapiro has issues with Lemon,he should go drown in his piss,period.

    • Shapiro criticizes Trump daily. Have you ever listened to his podcast? Your first sentence was a lie so could anyone truly believe the rest of your statement to be correct?

  7. Fon Lemon rightfully said that white men are the world’s biggest terrorist threat, just look at the daily mass shootings and non-stop wars for proof.
    Now if Shapiro hates welfare and racism so much, why doesn’t he attack that chronic Jewish supremacist welfare state Israel for a change? Until then this midget should shut his fat mouth up.

    • Daily mass shootings? You’ve caused you’re whole opinion to become irrelevant to anyone who disagrees therefor you’re debate it futile. You are the problem.

    • If white men are the biggest threat then why is it black men commit 50% of violent crime which includes murder in the United states? The fact that you stated Don Lemon is right just shows how little you know.

  8. You’re way out of your league Ben. You’re just another right wing , way too loud voice.
    Don Lemon is one of the best, calling out the truth for all to hear.

    • You call don lemon “one of the best” because he’s a good looking black man with a great voice. Remember that he is told what to say every single day of his life, he’s just good at saying it. Shapiro kinda sucks but he makes some solid points from his own opinion. Sean hannity, don lemon, Rachel madow; its all bullshit. So lighten up.

  9. Your depth of understanding is mesmerizing.
    Do you realize that with open borders the influx of people is untenable in the short time. The amount of welfare receipients per year will triple per year for the foreseeable future. In 10 years you will have 30000000 people in walfare plus those already in it and counting. The rich, the middle class and the poor will be taxed to no end. The country will no longer be a sovereign nation, it’s the end of the USA. That’s the Democratic party’s big policy………wow.

  10. Ben shapiro is a bigot himself yes i said so and your racist rants cant touch me either you are way out of line in questioning don lemons ability do you have a school of journalism no are a consultant that can hire and fire no just anoth b.s supporter of DT

    • I’m embarrassed for you. Your comment was not only poorly written but idiotic. Ben shapiro a bigot? Laughable my friend.

  11. What a dumb article, which I got as a suggestion through my phone’s Google news feed. Clinton did not call half the country racist, she called half of Trump supporters racist. I think something like a fifth of the US population voted for Trump, so half of that is a tenth. And Democrats have proposed many things to improve American lives.

    • Democrats have proposed many things to improve the lives of illegal immigrants.
      Please keep up if you can.

      • Oh yes
        They have proposed a lot
        Open borders and 90% tax on US citizens (that’s what the green new deal entails)
        Just admit it
        Calling all Trump supporters deplorables doesn’t work

      • Yeah illegal immigrants like whites who invaded and started telling people what rights they can have and make bullshit laws that only they profit from

    • Name one policy to improve people’s lives without bankrupt the country?

      Wait I’ll give you one: No borders

        • You clearly don’t know the meaning of free when you state paid for or should i say stolen from rich peoples taxes.

        • Rich people already pay the majority of the taxes, and with cost estimates even if you seize 100% of the wealth of the top 1% you would still come short of paying for healthcare for all by about 2 and a half trillion dollars.

    • So with your logic if you didn’t vote in 2016 you can’t be a Trump supporter? Idiotic. The fact of the matter is close to half of the country supports Trump. His approval ratings are at an all time high. You know why because his policy which are more conservative leaning actually improve peoples lives. I know they have improved mine. Democrats and their socialists polices would completely decimate our country if we would even have a country. Democrats believe in open borders and without borders you are not a country. Name one policy proposed by democrats that would improve American lives? The democrats were solely responsible for slavery, jim crow laws and the kkk so forgive me if i disagree with them.

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