Ben Shapiro SERVES ‘The Squad’ A Dose Of Their Own Medicine

Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire slammedThe Squad‘ in a recent out burst following latest row between these progressive Congresswomen and President Trump.

”If Americans have to choose between the so-called uncomfortable bad tweets of Donald Trump and the sentiments expressed by Ilhan Omar and the squad, i m not sure that they will choose the squad. Really i’m not sure,” said Ben Shapiro.

Remember that the squad are now turning on the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. This clearly explains why Republicans do not trust Democratic assessment of what racism constitutes. Maybe it’s because AOC and the squad thinks Nancy Pelosi is a racist. ”They think everybody is a racist” added Ben Shapiro.

Just recently, the squad went live on CBS, literally suggesting that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the attacks and death threats against them.

”The squad have no credibilty, therefore having these women stand up to talk about what they perceive to be racism will not be effective with the American people because they think everything is rascist”, Ben added.

Ayanna Pressley recently suggested that black folks are not blacks if they disagree with her.

While Ilhan Omar drops antisemitic slurs every 5 seconds, with Rashida Tlaib accusing everybody of undue loyalty and AOC accusing everything American as rascist.

There is just no common standard that we hold to make these assessment, although there is a double standard in the media when it comes to exactly the sort of materials they find objectionable.

Therefore you get AOC suggesting Mitch McConnell as been complicit in advancing rascism while same AOC defends Ilhan Omar antisemitic comments.

Ilhan Omar openly said she doesn’t regret her comments and so are other members of the squad.

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